Porritt Group, PLLC has successfully closed over a billion dollars of sales as both buyer and seller representatives.  We specialize in off market transactions and have a diverse client base, which affords both our buyers and sellers the opportunity to realize value from our representation.

Asset Management

Across all asset classes and market classes, Porritt Group, PLLC has actively provided Property Management services. Whether you have a class A office building in an large city or a class C apartment building in a rural area, we have a proven track record of service for our clients.


The Porritt Group, PLLC Team is familiar with all the local courts and judges.  The Team is ready to take on challenging properties and provide receivership services or to be appointed by a receiver and a brokerage.  If you are a receiver or an attorney representing lenders in the Michigan marketplace contact us today so we can present to you all that we can provide.


Whether you are seeking commercial debt or equity, Porritt Group, PLLC has the private partners and institutional influence to help get your across the finish line and make your project a success.  We know the market and having the members of our Team a part of your project will help you at every phase.


Mr. Porritt of Porritt Group, PLLC has had his articles and training material published both for the Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) and for local boards of Realtors. If you are seeking an instructor, or simply strong training material, the experts at Porritt Group, PLLC are the perfect team to present and/or help build your presentation.